Hamidullah Habibi
President of ABA (2019-Present)

Chosen as the President of the Afghanistan Builders Association ABA dated 27/08/2019, I have worked generously and put all my efforts together aimed at enriching the progress of our sector. My innovation in developing the bases of the construction sectors which never existed in Afghanistan since a long period of time, through Execution of plans to develop the construction sector through the provision of skills-based Training, which will be improving their capacity and will decrease the gap, Plans for conducting the General Quarterly meeting at ABA. This will be noticing the issues and cover all the concerns of the construction industry.

Developing the sector after decades of war has been tremendously challenging given the circumstance of insecurity, Corruption, political disputes. Geopolitics and domestic problems, it has been uphill battle to tackle and support the causes of the construction industry. I would like to thank all those who have been involved and thank them for their support and tireless efforts in backing the sector in development, Strategy, for connecting and tighten the NGOs unity and Government and international Donor agencies is still pending and will work on it to process, Especially ABA, Registered members, without their support we could have not been able to advance our sector and be where we are at today. ABA has been constructive and has built the bases for expansion of our companies – also to envision where we are and how to increase this progress and development in our sector step by step.
Best Regards,

Eng Hamidullah Habibi  
President of Afghanistan Builders Association ABA