Mowdood Popal
President of ABA (2017-Present)
Vice President (2009-2017)

Afghanistan Builders Association has been founded for the development and collaboration of the construction sector. As member of ABA and for over 12 years as a volunteer advocate elected by associated members for the past 10 years. I have been very fortunate and grateful for the responsibility handed to me as elected Vice President for 9 years and now as the elected President for the past one year. It gives me great pleasure to serve Afghanistan and fellow colleagues in the construction sector.

As the Vice President, since 2009 I’ve worked hard to enrich and progress our sector in the past 9 years I have worked to develop the bases of the construction sector which never existed in our country’s history. Emerging the sector after decades of war has been tremendously challenging given the circumstance of insecurity, corruption, political disputes, geopolitics and homegrown problems it has been an uphill battle to tackle and support the causes of our industry. I would like to thank all those whom have been involved and thank them for their support and giving the sector backing in the development. Especially our former President Hamid Karzai, without his support we would have not been able to advance our sector and be where we are today. ABA has been constructive and has built the bases for expansion for our companies - the road map for our success, this road map allowed us to envision where we are and how to increase this progress in our sector step by step.  

The following was implemented during my tenure:

1.License Extension for Construction Companies
2.Taxation Reform
3.Afghan Nation Standard Authority (ANSA)
4.Afghan National Laboratories (ANL)
5.Afghanistan Vocational Training Institute
6.Afghan Professional Program
7.Construction Job Fair Program
8.Professional Development Program
9.Laboratories Certification Program
10.Construction Permit Reform
11.Afghan First Policy

The Following was not executed but planned to develop, we are still continuing to advocate and change

1.Construction Development Bank
2.Categorization of Construction Companies
3.Mining Law
4.Quarry Mining Program
5.Construction Material Program
6.Construction Equipment Program

Besides the various projects and programs, I have also been able to ripen over 25 international conferences/events and over 150 local conferences/events. We have been able to attract over two billion US dollars in opportunities and investment for our members and associated members. Construction capabilities and capacity also increase to levels never seen in our history; over 10,000 Engineers received jobs and extended training. Over 250,000 vocational training and job creation was made available by ABA efforts in the past 10 years. Although our sector still has a long way to go before we can commence ourselves, the bases of our sector for the most part has been implemented. For this I would like to thank our members for voting for me and allowing me to serve them as well our great nation.

Mowdood Popal    
President of Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA)