Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) & The United States Army Corps of Engineers Transatlantic Afghanistan District (USACE-TAA) has signed an agreement and partnership for

Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM-C)

The agreement and partnership signed by MICHEL J. PRICE Colonel, EN Commanding and Naeem Yassin president & CEO of, ABA is to provide the training course titled “Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM-C). The CQM-C taught by ABA satisfies the USACE-TAA contractual requirement for CQM Training. Since then ABA is continuously conducting CQM-C classes to its members and other contractors and certified hundreds of QC/QA personnel.
Recently ABA conducted CQM-C classes in July and September 2018 for 2 days.  The course was taught by Eng. Ferdaws, USACE qualified and certified instructor for CQM-C. Completion Certificates good for 5 years were given to the students at the end of the class.